St. Preux

Finding happiness in the domestic


One of the destinations during NYC Beer Week and the only one where I took part in both the tasting and the pairing was Hospoda, an American take on Czech beer and cuisine.  Located on the Upper East-side right next door to the Czech Consulate, the decor was a tad trendy but there was a transparent portion of the floor that looked down on the beer/wine cellar and a pretty rad open kitchen conveniently(?) located downstairs by the wash closets.  The meal was prix fixe and paired with beer, a couple of selections from Brooklyn Brewery and a milky Pilsner Urquell.  The claim to fame for any Czech restaurant or pub has to be its beer and Hospoda has a clever take on serving up its pivo.  They focus on the head,  pouring the especially milky foam in varying thickness from just a bit on top to the entire glass full.  It actually paired nicely with food, complementing it with taste and texture, particularly the Brooklyn Brewery Stout that served creme (all foam) style with dessert.  The entree (traditional goulash) and dessert (some tiramisu concoction) were good but not spectacular.  The scallop appetizer, however, was certainly something to write home about, I uttered the phrase “best scallops ever” at one point and I fully recommend them (Ironic, because last time I checked (czeched) there were no scallops in Prague and goulash is the national dish of Bohemia).  The price is definitely not cheap (it is on the UES) so if I go back it would be for a beer (or two) and an app to share. $$$$